The NC Dominators is a ladies fast-pitch softball organization consisting of four age groups: 12U, 14U, 16U, and 18U. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All team fee's, sponsorships, and donations are fully tax deductable. Our teams play ASA, NSA, USFA, WFC, USSSA, Top Gun, USA, Tier One and PONY sanctioned girls traveling tournament fastpitch softball. If you are interested in a NC Dominators team please click the TEAMS page.

This page is intended to provide information concerning the activities of the NC Dominators organization. Please be sure to check out the menu options for upcoming events and news.

If you are interested in obtaining information on any of the teams in the Dominator Organization, please contact a coach!



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Congratulations to our 18U Dominator Coach Cristy Draper on being inducted into the NC USSSA Hall of Fame.  The Dominator Family is blessed to have you as a coach and mentor to our young ladies.

2020 Coaching Contacts

12U Teams

12U Parrott: Sam Parrott - 919-943-5896  ncdominators12U@gmail.com

14U Teams

14U Shaeffer: April Shaeffer - 606-407-2006 ncdominators.shaeffer@gmail.com

16U Teams

16U Preddy:  Billy Preddy - 919-939-6615  bpreddy@frontier.com

18U Teams

16U Elite:  Mike Ellis -  919-730-3978     mike.ellisrealty1@gmail.com

The goal is to teach athletes the fundamentals while also working on the mental side of the game. Having athletes on the team that are willing to work hard and be consistent is important.


Hustle - players are to jog/run to positions, stations, etc. once they set out of the dugout or onto the field. There is no excuse not to hustle.

Communication - every players is expected to talk on the field, cheer on their teammates in the dugout, etc. There is no excuse not to communicate.

Work hard - players are asked to give it everything they have when at practice or games. There is no excuse to not working hard.

Have fun - players will only be given a short amount of time to play the game of softball. It doesn't last a lifetime. There is no excuse to not have fun.

These are the 4 areas that each player can control. No one can take this away from them, make them stop, etc. Each player will be asked to commit to these 4 pillars of play while competing to their full potential. No excuses.

Sometimes the only fair thing in life is


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